Edna Dapo is an international artist who resides in Scottsdale, AZ. She has been painting for twenty years and has won numerous awards. Her work has been selected for NEW AMERICAN PAINTINGS, Volume 70, and is on the cover of American Art Collector (CA, V4 B2).

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Edna Dapo has been teaching art classes since 2005. She has taught all ages and abilities at a college level, middle school, elementary school, after-school programs, and at a non-profit art organization.

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In addition to her academic work, Dapo has engaged in various curatorial projects.  She curated, juried and organized multiple art shows and continues to be actively engaged in presenting new exhibitions in downtown Phoenix every First Friday Art Walk.

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"A common theme for Edna Dapo’s paintings has always been the human figure and observing the human condition."

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